Quickly Transfer Anything to Anyone on Any Device

Make a new space, add your content, scan the QR code, done.

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It's free, no credit card necessary.

An example space showcasing items to transfer
A screenshot of the share sheet to share a space containing two PDF files using either a link or QR code

Lightning fast

Open the space on your other devices before uploading files and links to watch them show up in realtime

A shield with a padlock in the center

End-to-end Encryption

All your stuff is private and secure so we can never see your content

What if I want to transfer larger files?

Contact us if you need to send large files, we’ll get you into our Beta for Large Files 💪

Why would I use this instead of Dropbox or Google Drive?

Cloud storage products are good at storing files, but cannot handle links. They cannot do anything useful with things like Figma, Jira, Confluence, Notion, Coda, and more

Create a new space now and share files, links, anything.

Why would I use this instead of WeTransfer?

WeTransfer can only send files, requires you to give everyone’s email address, they show you and the receiver ads, and your content is not end-to-end encrypted so it’s not truly private.

Create a new space now and enjoy the privacy.

Created by a team with decades of experience from these fine companies

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