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A space with a note, a link, and a file

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Capture your ideas, whether they're brief thoughts or detailed concepts, right in your space

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Use reactions to rate, flag, and draw attention to the most important notes in the space

Add context to any space

Create a new Note to say "Drop the final assets here" or "Which of these three options do you prefer?" Leave feedback on the latest designs or capture your ideas during the meeting where everyone can see and collaborate together.

Visit new.space/note to create a brand new space with a new note focused and ready for you. It's the fastest way to get started.

Always private

Your ideas are securely stored and accessible whenever you need them, visible only to you and those you share your space with.

Feel confident offering honest feedback to your collegues, sharing your wifi password, or capturing what's really on your mind.

Why would I use new.space instead of Notion or Coda?

For quick notes or short pieces of text, there is no need to make an entirely new page or doc. Simply add it directly to your space, and you’re done.

If it's a real, sizable document, then start it in Coda and share a link to the doc into your space to keep track of it that way. With quick notes in the space you have the flexability to start small, then bring in specialized documents as you go.

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