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A space with a note, a link, and a file

Capture thoughts, links, and files all in one place

Everyone in a space can add their ideas, reference any inspiration or resources, and include any photos or documents to help support their best ideas

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Use reactions to rate, flag, and draw attention to the most compelling ideas

Tame the chaos of files and links

With, you can gather everyone and everyone's content into a single shared space. Share a meeting link, agenda, and any documents or links to start the discussion. Collaborate effortlessly, capture ideas and share key documents securely and safely. To get started, just head to, where you will get an entirely new, blank space that is end-to-end encrypted. Anyone you share the link with will have full access to this space, and can add their parts of the project easily from any device.

Always private

Your ideas and content are securely stored and accessible whenever you need them, visible only to you and to those you share it with.

Why would I use instead of Notion, Coda, or Google Drive?

Keep all the short notes, files, and links altogether in the same place, avoid the confusion of storing files in one place and pages of text in another. And if you already have pages in Notion you want to include, add a link into the space so everyone knows where to go.

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